About Us

An innovative piece of agricultural machinery with humble beginnings…

Midwest Fabrication started life on a property in The Gums, Queensland, Australia.

After purchasing his first combine harvester with no front, Martin Schutt believed he could build a front for himself that was designed for the undulated country he would be harvesting in. It was through sheer determination that saw the very first Midwest platform come to life in 1998.

To this day, Martin has continued to develop an industry-leading, globally recognised product and continues to grow the family-owned and operated business. 

A purpose-built piece of machinery was the catalyst for establishing a business that would support Australian farmers and our national agriculture industry.

Midwest Fabrication has led the way in innovative design in harvesting operations, pioneering the world’s largest platform and manufacturing the only harvesting draper fronts made in Australia. 

The second ever Midwest platform. Built in 1999. 40ft.


Our Mission

“Through innovative product development and efficient low volume manufacturing, provide the industry-leading, largest capacity, most versatile and highest quality crop harvesting draper platforms.”

We are committed to delivering exceptional crop-gathering performance through a wide range of grain crops. With industry-leading localised support, a focus on the lowest crop harvesting costs per area or per tonne harvested and adaptability to all major agricultural equipment brands, we’re able to support farmers nationwide.

Why? We’re Aussie farmers just like you, and we know what it takes to get the crop off.

Our Team

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we place a strong emphasis on family values. We are committed to providing a safe and challenging workplace while also being focused on long-term learning and personal growth within the team. 

Our skilled workforce is made up of boilermakers, welders, fitters and turners, parts and service technicians, sales, admin, accounts team members and more. 

Are you looking for a change? Join the Midwest team!

Awards and Affiliations

2021 Business of the Year
Dalby Chamber of Commerce & Industry Membership
2021 Manufacturing & Innovation Excellence
2022 award winner
2022 Manufacturing & Innovation Excellence