From Our Farmers

From Moree to Jandowae, Walgett to Henty, farmers across Australia are harvesting more for less with Midwest. 


Abe Bushell, Barmedman NSW

This LEGACY front has the ability to cut 10-15mm lower than a Durus front, which for a low chickpea crop or a durum wheat crop will be a game changer.

Matt West, Northern NSW

We wouldn’t be without a Midwest after using them this year. The proof is in the pudding.

Mark Baker, Orion QLD

They’re a simple machine to use and set up. The other thing I like about them is that they’re locally built. If you need parts they’re just down the road, and the team is really friendly and approachable.

Tom Greentree, Moree NSW

We run an 18m traffic-controlled system, hence Midwest fronts are fitting into my program. I find maintenance is really easy, grease points are all easy to grab, blowing down we just pop the doors open and away we go. It’s quick, easy and saving the boys time at night. 

I am extremely happy with the longevity of my fronts from Midwest. As a contractor my machines do a lot of road travel as well as paddock work and my Midwest fronts have always stood up well to the rigours they have seen.
Wal Flegler
Darling Downs, QLD
Midwest has a good product that works very well and suits our harvesting requirements. On most jobs we go to, instead of having two headers we now have one, and on three header jobs, we have two.
Dan Bingham
Skipton, Vic
Midwest have continued to improve and impress us along the way. This gave us the confidence to over-ride any apprehension we had regarding the extra width and weight in changing from our three 50 foot platforms to three 60 footers.
Neville Welke
Cascade, WA
Even in light short crops at higher speeds, the platform follows the ground really well, especially the 60ft platforms with 4 ground wheels behind the platform.
Merredin Farms, WA

Adam Coleman, Moree NSW

I picked the phone up and immediately after the very first paddock to our other farm managers and spoke about the Midwest 60ft fronts and how they would potentially suit their system; changing from a 12m to 18m Controlled Traffic System to boost efficiencies in this modern farming era.

Brad Glover, Hermidale NSW

We’ve been running Midwest fronts now for five years. From the performance of the first one we bought, we really liked it, so we bought a second one. It’s got a step drum so we can get it closer to our feeder house chains, so it’s feeding a lot quicker.

Neville Wilson, Walgett NSW

The Midwest, 60ft fronts, have performed really well during wheat this year. We are able to cover more country in a day with fewer headers and labour. We plan to go back to fewer headers and more wider fronts.