The Dalby and rural Australian community is integral to Midwest

From supporting many local families with employment, to supporting farmers across Australia with our quality machinery and service, we also support many different subsets of our local community.


Midwest is proud sponsor of the Country Women’s Association (CWA), a community of women who, together, improve the lives of people living in regional, rural and remote Queensland. Together we strive to support and encourage women-led businesses within rural Queensland, just like Midwest.

School Sporting Groups

Midwest continues to support numerous school sporting events within the community, including the Dalby Touch Team.

We have enjoy watching our sponsor teams have fun, learn and even win!


Founders, Martin & Verree, sponsor two children, whom they support by giving them the opportunity to get an education, have a mattress to sleep on and access to food. Martin and Verree met their sponsor children for the first time during Mission Abundance 2023 in Uganda. Learn more here.

Broncos Dalby Development Program Sponsor

We proudly sponsor the Broncos Dalby School Development Program. Aimed to support local students receive the best training and resources for success on the footy field. 

But its not just about the game, its about building our community of youth’s. We’re passionate about helping members of our community grow personally, boost their confidence and develop leadership skills that goes beyond the sporting field.