Four Reasons Why Farmers Switch To A Midwest Front

  1. Size matters 
    Looking for less capital outlay, less fuel and less labour costs? Our large widths achieve up to 33 percent more with every pass. Our draper
    widths range from 25 – 60ft and integrate seamlessly with combine brands and suit 12m, 15m, 16m or 18m controlled traffic systems. The
    efficient design allows your combine to travel at optimum speeds, boosting productivity and covering more ground. 
  2. Made for Aussie conditions 
    American and European farming conditions are very different to ours. Farmers need a front that is built in Australia, designed by Australian
    farmers, for Australian conditions. Midwest’s patented floatation system has active ground following that handles Australia’s fast ground
    speeds and light crop conditions. Our mechanical drive system ensures cutting power under the toughest conditions. We test our products on
    our own farms and we talk regularly with our network of farmers and contractors, from Perth in the west, to Geelong in the south, Mackay in
    the north and many farming districts in between. We know what’s working, what isn’t, and we are hands on in our factory so we can tweak our
    designs to suit. 
  3. No fiddly computers and sensors 
    When you’re in the midst of a busy harvest the last thing you want to do is have to stop while you wait for a technician to read an error
    code, or have a sensor preventing you from getting an efficient close cut. Midwest’s instant response float system uses pressurised air to
    achieve optimum ground tracking. Our unique design is free of problematic sensors and computers. 
  4. National spare parts support channel 
    Midwest has built on its national dealer network over the past few years as farm machinery dealerships across Australia have become
    corporatized and consolidated into larger dealer groups. These large dealer group profiles have provided Midwest customers with a secure
    channel to Midwest Spare Parts as customers and the new dealer groups become closer associated regarding particular customer product brand
    requirements. Midwest Genuine Spare Parts are competitively priced and are the correct replacement parts for Midwest products. A range of
    Midwest spare parts can be found on the Midwest website under the tab “Genuine Midwest Parts”. Midwest will soon release an online catalogue
    covering a vast range of fast moving consumable Midwest Genuine Spare Parts. 

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