Huge Crowds At Agquip

Thousands of people from all over Australia and overseas, including India, China, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Brazil, had the chance to
view our Midwest Durus platform up close and personal at the 2017 AgQuip field day at Gunnedah in August. 

Midwest Sales manager Peter Welsh said the 60 foot platform caused quite a stir especially when people realised how easily it can be adapted
to any brand of combine. 

I think people sometimes think they have to go with the same brand front as their combine, so we had a lot of people excited to discover
that no matter what colour their combine, they can harvest with a Midwest draper.  Many people commented on the simple robust design. 

When they saw our drapers in person, they were impressed at how strong the components are and the sturdy construction. 

If you’d like to see a header front for yourself, please contact us and we can make arrangements with a current customer and/or dealer so
you can have a first-hand experience of the ease of operation, high performance and low cost efficiencies of a Midwest platform.

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