An innovative product with humble beginnings..

Midwest Fabrication started life as a farm based general fabrication business by a young man with big dreams on the family’s grain farm. After purchasing his first combine harvester with no front, he believed he could build a front for himself keeping in mind the conditions he would be harvesting in. It was through sheer determination and the like-minded collaboration between father and sons that saw the very first front come to life and to this day Martin has been developing an incredibly innovative, globally recognised product and continues to grow the family-owned and operated business.

Midwest has been leading the way in innovative design in harvesting operations, accomplishing many feats and widths! 


Below: The 2nd ever built Midwest Platform in 1999, 40ft.

Midwest Platforms

Our platforms are performing in many differing crops and conditions throughout Australia and worldwide.

25 Years of Experience

From farming for farming products that add value and enhance performance, durability and dependability. 

Nationwide Dealer Support

With extensive dealer and spare parts networks, Midwest are represented in every state in the nation adding value and lowering cost of ownership. 

Our Mission Statement

"Through innovative product development and efficient low volume manufacturing, provide the industry leading, largest capacity, most versatile and highest quality crop harvesting draper platforms."

Key Market: Australian large area production agriculture.

Contribution: The industry leader in new technology, productivity and innovation for agricultural grain crop gathering and delivery.

Distinction: Exceptional crop gathering performance through a wide range of grain crops, with industry leading localised support, focused on lowest crop harvesting costs per area or per tonne harvested, integrated to all major agricultural equipment brands.

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We are an integrated engineering company composed of a group of agile and experienced engineers and tradesmen skilled in different business areas.


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