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Fixed Frames
Removable Components
Reel Components
Feed Drum
Knife System
Draper Belts
Hydraulic Systems

Parts Manual

Download the Midwest Parts Manual below.

 2018 Durus/Durus Premium Parts Manual  (60957kb) 

2017 Durus/ Durus Premium Parts Manual (54121 kb)

2016 Durus/ Durus Premium Parts Manual (53636 kb)

2014 Durus/ Durus Premium Parts Manual (Edition D/ June 2016) (40351 kb)

2013 Durus/ Durus Premium Parts Manual (Edition D/ June 2016) (47454 kb)

2011/ 2012 Crophawk Parts Manual (Edition E/ February 2020) (29722 kb)

Pre-2011 Crophawk Parts Manual (46709 kb)

Owner's Manual

Download the relevant Midwest Operator/Owner Manual below.

Copies of Midwest Operator/Owner Manuals can be obtained from you local Midwest Dealer.

2016 Durus & Durus Premium Operators Manual (6585 kb)

2013 Durus Premium Owner's Manual (5970 kb)

2011/2012 Crophawk Operators Manual (17229 kb)


Download the latest product brochure to explore our range of harvesting fronts, transporters and add-ons. 

Midwest Brochure

Can't find what you're looking for?

Our FAQ and manual documentation will be helpful for your questions but if it's not there, you may contact us directly and we will be glad to help. 


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