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"I am extremely happy with the longevity of my fronts from Midwest. As a contractor my machines do a lot of road travel as well as paddock work and my Midwest fronts have always stood up well to the rigours they have seen. The Midwest reel is streets ahead of any other front I have ever used before, especially in terms of strength and reliability. Visibility around the centre drive of the reel is by far the most user friendly of any other front I have used. The no step ledge from the knife to the belt is easily the best part of the machine, and the thing that keeps me coming back to Midwest Fronts, I can't praise this highly enough.

I see many varieties of crops and landscapes, I have harvested on the ground with no issues what so ever, I have never had any dramas feeding any variety of crop in, and the narrow platform end walls means having no grain loss off the next row keeps my customers happy not to mention the header driver.  

I recently purchased another brand of front and have sold it and gone back to a Midwest front all within the same harvest season. I can honestly say I will never again buy anything other than Midwest.

Even my wife agrees☺"

- Wal Flegler, Darling Downs,Queensland.

“We purchased a 60ft Durus Premium Midwest in 2014 with the aim to increase productivity on our John Deere S690 combine and reduce fuel and labour costs at the same time.

Essentially it’s a 33% increase in efficiency over a 45 ft. We were pleased with the performance of the platform and purchased a second 60ft in 2015.

Midwest has a good product that works very well and suits our harvesting requirements. On most jobs we go to, instead of having two headers we now have one, and on three header jobs, we have two.” 

- Dan Bingham, Skipton, Victoria

"Even in light short crops at higher speeds, the platform follows the ground really well, especially the 60ft platforms with 4 ground wheels behind the platform.

It has very little knife loss to none due to its level from the knife to the draper belt, therefore no heads of grain sit on the knife to thrash out and drop on the ground. It has really good positive feed from knife to the draper belt. Midwest is very good here.             

The timed knife works really well and the simple clutch systems are forgiving when picking any foreign material.

The cost of running a 60ft platform is very economical especially when looking at fuel, labour and maintenance on a cost per ha. We are very happy with the Midwest platform and I feel it’s the only way to use the combine efficiently in the light conditions."


- Charl, Operational Manager, Merredin Farms, Western Australia

“We chose Midwest fronts for their sound construction and innovative features. We like the even plane from tip of knife finger through to the draper belts with no nasty steps to restrict material flow. The stainless steel panels behind the knife and under the feed drum allow the crop to flow smoothly and timed knife drives give less vibration. The mounting system enables free oscillation of the platform from the harvesters which works very well with large cutting widths.

Midwest have continued to improve and impress us along the way. This gave us the confidence to over-ride any apprehension we had regarding the extra width and weight in changing from our three 50 foot platforms to three 60 footers. Any doubt we had was soon dispelled after seeing them in action. The four land wheels mounted on the platform gives it great stability and the headers had no trouble lifting and handling the platforms. The extra width of the platforms allow us to keep the harvesters operating at optimum capacity, which equates to more hectares per hour in average to lighter crops, and travelling at a more moderate speed in heavy crops. 

We moved to 60 ft to minimize harvest times, fuel cost and to match up to our 60 foot seeders and 120 foot sprayers to suit 60 foot traffic control tramlines. We put these platforms over 11,500 hectares in above average yielding crops with no problems whatsoever in the 2015 season. In our opinion, Midwest is a market leader in harvester platforms and we would strongly recommend Midwest's Durus Draper platforms.” 
- Neville Welke, Cascade, Western Australia

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