Uplevel your platform with Midwest Accessories

Specifically designed Accessories for Midwest Draper Platforms to enhance harvest performance, durability and increased productivity.

JD Rear Tow Hitch

Due to customer demand Midwest has designed and manufactured a fully certified rear tow hitch for your JD combines. Rated at 8 tonne, this package includes a certified hitch mount, ring feeder hitch and a plug-in wiring harness.

Cross Auger

Midwest is now offering a fully integrated cross auger for your draper platform. No longer an aftermarket extra, you can purchase your cross auger with your new Midwest Draper. No more dead spots, uneven or clumpy feeding. Let us help you feed those fluffy free-standing crops with smoother operation due to an independent integrated hydraulic system. Contact us for more information.

Auger Extensions

600mm, 900mm, and 1200mm auger extension kits are available for current JD only combines to provide a safer unloading distance between the combine and the bin with the wider Midwest draper platforms.

Cutterbar Wheels

Cutterbar gauge wheels are rolling skid wheels that give instant ground following response right behind the knife. Small wheels enhance ground following in low cutting conditions and are ideal for harvesting pulses, legumes and working in contoured country. They feature a mud scraper to eliminate soil build-up in wet conditions and are solid rubber, which means no flat tyres.