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Midwest Durus offers the reliability and durability you’ve come to expect from our previous Crophawk model with new features designed to give you optimum harvesting performance.


Biggest range of widths including the world’s widest platform of 60ft (18m).


Best lighting package on the market – LED lights for better crop visibility and rear lights to eliminate dark spots between platform and combine.


Unique vertical float adaptor – an ‘air-ride’ feature with adjustable bottom stop that automatically follows the ground – ideal for undulating country.


Our superior frame and componentry result in a straight knife for accurate crop removal.


The clean, uncluttered design with sealed frame beams mean easy cleaning for servicing, crop changes and border inspections.  No complicated electronics so you can maintain & diagnose yourself in field.

Longer Lasting

Your front will stand the test of time with quality components such as heavy duty draper belts, unique cutter bar design, a choice of top class knife guards and a high quality knife drive - with true inline motion.


Right Hand Windrow
The Durus Premium drapers come with the option for a right hand end delivery windrow. It's a quick change manual sliding deck giving you more versatility with your harvest platform to windrow cereal crows, grasses and stubble.

Versatile design and flexibility

Midwest fronts are uniquely designed to fit on all brands of combines – so no matter your “colour”, we can tailor a front to suit.

Midwest is set to revolutionise farming practices with one multipurpose unit that will reduce your capital outlay, maximise productivity and minimise harvest costs. Harvest bulky crops such as canola, peas and cereals with the one combine and platform designed to suit controlled traffic farming.

Range of models

Midwest is offers different models in its range of platforms – Durus and Durus Premium – allowing customers the flexibility to select the model that best suits their needs and budget. Midwest offers optional extras to customise a platform to customer needs.

We’re listening so we can grow together

Like all Midwest products, the Durus design has been based on direct feedback from farmers and harvesting contractors.

We pilot test all our designs on-farm. Farmers tell us their issues and problems, what they need to make their harvest better, and the team at Midwest go back to the design office and find a way to make it happen.

Embrace the future of farming with a Midwest Durus.

Contact our sales team on 0429 622 137 or 0429 622 138 to learn how you can harvest more for less.

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