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Product Information

Our superior Midwest Parts are innovatively designed and manufactured specifically to enhance our high performing platforms.

Knife Guards

Our Midwest knife guards are made of the highest quality forged steel, ensuring strength and longevity throughout the life of your platform. Our knife guards undergo 'through hardening', a process used to increase the hardness and tensile strength of the material.

Draper Belts

Our high quality, industry leading draper belts are puncture and tear resistant with reinforced cleats to ensure a longer working life. Featuring our exclusive centre
V-guide belt tracking technology that facilitates true alignment and enables the prevention of premature wear and uneven stretching of the draper belt.  The fully reversible design effectively doubles the belt life.

Feed Drum

  • Durable retractable feed drum fingers made of 19┬ámm high tensile steel.
  • Longer lasting, high temperature resistant big end bearing.
  • Retractable finger retainer straps are a unique safety feature to Midwest feed drums designed to retain the finger in the event of coming into contact with a foreign object.
  • Retractable finger guide covers are single piece pressed stainless steel, allowing for greater strength and lifespan.

Series 3 Midwest Reel

  • UV resistant pick up fingers made from specially engineered nylon, designed to withstand the harshest seasons. 
  • Replaceable reel bushes on the aluminium extrusions - a cost effective and simplistic design.
  • Our finger tube aluminium extrusions are the toughest on the market to withstand even the biggest debris.
  • A fully adjustable hydraulic relief valve in the drive line to protect the reel from impact related damage.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Unique to Midwest, our hydraulic cylinders are manufactured in house at our Dalby factory, allowing us to create a more reliable and superior part for greater service life.

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