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Introducing our new and improved Durus Transporter – the convenient and reliable way to move your combine front from place-to-place.

The transporter has a flexible and durable design that creates the perfect marriage between platform and trailer.

It's Fast

Midwest’s exclusive and specifically designed, quick hitch, four point latching system, helps you secure your front to the transporter with record speed.

It Grows

Available in 41ft, 42 ft, 45ft, 50ft and 60ft, Midwest’s ‘extendable bolt on tail’ means that you can extend your transporter; so as you expand into larger combines and wider fronts, your draper transporter can easily grow with you.

It fits any draper

No matter what brand of front you prefer, Midwest’s superior mount kits mean all brands of drapers can be mounted to the transporter.

It’s a ‘workshop on wheels’

The transporter’s on-board toolboxes mean that everything is at your fingertips to make your in-field servicing quick and efficient.

It’s safe

The superior chassis, strength and smart design gives huge carrying capacity for all makes and models of draper platforms. Optional oversize sign can be stored on board so you’ll always be ready to hit the road.

Great options

Depending on your budget and needs you can go with a base model Durus transporter or kit it out with a range of options to make your harvesting platform transportation completely hassle-free.

Features and options include:

  • Fully suspended with 50mm square axles
  • Six stud wheel hubs fitted with 235R 381mm tyres and rims
  • 850mm ball race dolly turntable
  • 40mm pull coupling
  • Removable Oversize sign (with easy servicing access)
  • Electric Brakes on all axles with external controller breakaway switch and emergency battery tail
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Spare Tyre
  • Front Mounted Toolbox – fully lockable
  • In Chassis Lockable Toolbox
  • In Chassis Mesh Toolbox
  • Platform Mount Kit - John Deere, MacDon, Honey Bee
  • Certified John Deere Tow Hitch

Get moving in style with a Durus Transporter.

Draper Trailers

Midwest offers a premium quality draper trailer designed specifically for the Midwest range of Crophawk drapers. All trailers come fully suspended on 45mm square axles with 6 stud wheel hubs fitted with new 235R 15inch tyres and rims.

Trailer dolly is fitted with an 850mm ball race turntable and changeable pull coupling. Removable oversize sign, mudguards, spare wheel mounts, tail lights and revolving beacon with seven pin trailer electric plug are all standard on the Midwest draper trailer.

Rego spec trailers are available with electric brakes on the rear bogie axle with external controller, breakaway switch with emergency battery, tail and side lights, bolt on ballrace turntable and vehicle compliance plate.

Fully sealed lockable front toolboxes, belly boxes, chassis mesh boxes and concave mounts are optional equipment for the Midwest draper trailers.

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